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We Make Wonder

The Amazing Puppeteer

The final installment in Loro Piana’s fantastical tales for the holiday introduces us to ‘The Amazing Puppeteer’. Let the wonder of craftsmanship inspire you through the warm enveloping Deer Valley knits in cashmere Coarsehair®.
The perfect gift in a collection offering ultimate softness, enchanting style and myriad colours. Enjoy the show and prepare for surprises.

The Secret Passage

The second of Loro Piana’s fantastical holiday tales takes us through The Secret Passage. The legendary Vicuña awaits, and along with it, the finest holiday gifts. A magical creature itself, Vicuña gives us the world’s finest and softest fiber that we craft into a variety of textures and styles. From the fancy turtleneck playing on contrasting colours to pair with the effortless knitted pants, to the jersey overshirt in the natural golden chestnut of the Vicuña fleece. Step through and uncover the wonder of Loro Piana this holiday season.

The Loom Conductor

The first in a series of fantastical tales which present the myths behind the making of iconic Loro Piana garments and accessories. The ultimate cashmere scarf crafted on a hand loom and with hand-knitted fringes. An exquisite composition on its way to completion by a master conductor, an irresistible temptation we invite you to explore. Discover the secret ways we weave wonder and get inspired for the holiday season.