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A Reflection of Lightness

Indulge in the incredible lightness of Loro Piana 360 to experience a new world of weightlessness. Discover the pleasure of shoes so featherlight that will feel like walking defying gravity. Be guided by Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier into dancing underwater.


Loro Piana 360: traditional sneakers become a new generation of shoes

Flexible non-slip technical soles and uppers in extra-fine merino wool


Double-knitted Wish® merino wool: for a unique ethereal robustness

Stitched by hand to ensure the finest quality, durability, and comfort


Loro Piana shoes: an unprecedented balance of all-round style and enjoyment

Innovative material that responds to body temperature for the best fit


Light shoes, fresh colors: the new, exclusive hue is only available online.

Blue, burgundy, brick, and teal in harmonious and refined combinations


Up in the air or down in the deepest water, only one keyword: lightness

Try the incredible featheriness of Loro Piana 360 for a new state of mind


A weightlessness master: Guillaume Nery, world champion freediver

“We need to tune our perceptions to the element we move into to challenge gravity”


This is water: Julie Gautier, director, diver and choreographer

“Underwater there is no distinction between landing and falling, it's all dancing”