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The Gift of Kings®

This is the very highest quality, finest wool in the world, and it comes solely from specially selected flocks of merino sheep. Hailing from the meadows of Australia and New Zealand, it reaches Italy to be processed with the care and expertise merited by all rare, precious materials.

The world's most beautiful wool
This outstanding wool measures a mere 13 microns in diameter on average \(one micron is a millionth of a metre\). Pure, gleaming white in colour, its crimped structure, natural stretch and supreme softness against the skin are complemented by its ability to wick away moisture and absorb excess heat. All of these properties make The Gift of Kings® merino wool a very special fibre. It owes its existence to the dedication of a group of Australian and New Zealand breeders who pass down their passion for this "beautiful wool", which bears the distinctive scent of carnations, from generation to generation. We exclusively purchase the few thousand kilos of fibre available each year, to craft it into a limited series of garments and accessories so exquisitely light and soft that they feel like a second skin.

Blue, in all its nuances, is the classic shade for all our finest wool. From the darkest navy to the most vibrant cobalt, this versatile hue is easy to mix and match and always looks impeccable.

Flock of merino sheep and a large tree.
A regal offering
The name of The Gift of Kings® wool was inspired by the Spanish royal family's practice of gifting pairs of merino sheep to other sovereigns to honour relationships and seal alliances. These sheep were indeed considered so valuable that the Spanish, the first to breed them profitably, after the Romans and the Phoenicians, kept them closely guarded, and forbade them from being sold outside the country. In the second half of the 1700s, they were taken to New Zealand first, then Australia, where the habitat proved ideal. Since then, flocks of merino sheep have been looked after with the utmost care by generations of local breeders who have brought the wool to an astounding level of quality and fineness, the very quality and fineness that Loro Piana is passionate about. Indeed thirty years ago we began working with a group of breeders, supporting them and partnering their efforts to achieve increasingly higher quality fibre. Together, we have raised standards and broken records, committed to a single aim: to preserve the world's most beautiful wool, focussing on quality, not quantity. Over the years, highly selected flocks of sheep have been formed, bred with great care and with the focus on animal welfare, because extraordinary fibre only comes from sheep which are treated well. Every year we reward the breeders of Australia and New Zealand who produce the finest wool – awarding the "Record Bale" title - and we exclusively buy their entire production of wool measuring around 13 microns, our regal gift to our most sophisticated, discerning customers.

The purity of The Gift of Kings® wool and its pristine white colour make it perfect for dyeing in delicate shades for spring and vibrant hues for the summer months.

Hand holding a piece of raw, white merino wool.
Liquid wool
Wool that touches the skin like a light caress and adapts to the form and movements of the body, draping fluidly and never creasing: The Gift of Kings® is a pleasure to wear, crafted into garments that can be enjoyed all year round, thanks also to its intrinsic ability to modulate body temperature, absorbing humidity and dispersing excess heat. Its natural pristine white colour makes for optimum dyeing results, from pastels, to brights, blue to white, while the fibre's exceptional fineness means it can be used to produce anything from the lightest of fabrics to heavier weights for the winter season as well as being a perfect solution for damp or humid climates.
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