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Small herd of cashmere goats in strong sunlight.


One of the world’s finest raw materials, Loro Piana Cashmere is known for its superlative softness, lightness and warmth.

A Hidden Treasure

On the eternal desert of China and the windblown uplands of Mongolia lives the Capra hircus, a small but hardy animal known for producing a genuine treasure of nature.

The spellbinding but inhospitable landscapes which the Capra hircus inhabits see extreme changes in temperature between day and night, as well as between seasons. This requires the goat to grow a fleece that provides both warmth and protection.

Their outer coat shields against rain, sun, and dust, and beneath is a soft underfleece which acts as a layer of insulation. This is the most precious part of the fleece, known as cashmere.
Herd of cashmere goats walking up a sand dune in Mongolia.
Two curious cashmere goats.
Resting cashmere goat.

Refining Nature’s Best

Once every spring, when the climate is milder and the animals naturally shed their coats, the goat herders harvest the cashmere. The procedure is carried out by gently combing the goat, gathering the delicate underfleece without causing any harm to the animal.

The annual production of each Capra hircus is around 250 grams, which after removing the coarser outer fibres is reduced to no more than 150 grams of precious raw material. This is why cashmere is so luxurious, each small batch of sublime fibre is the result of hard work, patience and passion.
Loro Piana buys only the best and finest cashmere from across Northern China and Mongolia. Every bale is meticulously checked, dehaired, and washed at one of the Loro Piana laboratories in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Ulaanbaatar, before being shipped to Italy for subsequent analysing and quality control. Only the cashmere that reaches Loro Piana’s own standard of excellence is then transformed into superior quality knitwear, garments, accessories, fabrics and yarns, all of which are produced through a combination of sophisticated technology, a profound knowledge of textiles, and a lifelong commitment to perfection.
Riding goat herder and his herd.
Wavy sand dunes in Mongolia.
Herd of cashmere goats resting.

Soft and Sophisticated

Loro Piana Cashmere has an almost silky feel and is outstandingly fine, measuring around 15 microns for adult cashmere.

Thanks to the natural structure of the fibre, Loro Piana Cashmere possesses incredible insulating properties. The air trapped in the tiny spaces between the fibres forms a natural barrier that helps contain body heat and prevent cold from reaching the skin. The finer the fibres, the greater the insulation.

Wearing Loro Piana Cashmere truly is an incomparable experience. With exceptional fineness, softness, lightness and warmth, garments crafted from Loro Piana Cashmere are ideal for use in winter and in the transitional seasons, as well as on cool summer nights.