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Baby Cashmere

This exquisitely soft, ultra-fine fibre is obtained solely from the underfleece of cashmere goat kids: a tiny quantity of pristine fibre that we process with the care merited by all the most precious things.

30 grams of purity
Cashmere comes from the underfleece of adult Capra Hircus goats, while Baby Cashmere can only be gathered when the kids are less than a year old. The result is just 30 grams of exceptionally fine, soft fibre, measuring only 13.5 microns in diameter \(one micron is a millionth of a metre\). The fibre is only taken when the weather is warmer, in late spring, and the baby goats no longer need the underfleece that protects them from the harsh winter weather, respecting the cycles of the natural world. The goatherds know when the time is right, observing the animals and respecting the passing of the seasons, guided by ancestral wisdom.

Wearing a garment made of Baby Cashmere, be it a downy scarf or a sweater, means being enveloped in a soft embrace.

10 years of passion
Baby Cashmere was the brainchild of Pier Luigi Loro Piana. While visiting Chinese goat herders he came across the fibre from the Capra hircus goat kids, and as a connoisseur, he immediately realized just how fine and soft it was, "like touching baby hair". It took him ten years to convince a select number of herders to separate the fibre from the kids from that of the adults, given the tiny quantities involved. Meanwhile in Italy the company began experimenting with Baby Cashmere, to work out how best to spin and weave it, respecting its ultra-delicate consistency and accentuating its natural properties. Ten years later the formula had been perfected, and Baby Cashmere began being crafted into products of astounding softness, first knitwear, then fabrics and outerwear. It was an immediate success: a new excellence for Loro Piana.

Working with the softness of Baby Cashmere to create a host of different consistencies is a challenge we are passionate about. When treated with Storm System® it becomes waterproof and wind-resistant, perfect for versatile outerwear. As a two-tone double fabric its lightness comes to the fore, while its sumptuous softness is celebrated in knitwear and hats to suit every occasion.

Crafting purity
The first ten years of research into Baby Cashmere enabled the company to perfect the formula for processing it. The second decade, on the market, gave us the opportunity to continue experimenting, developing new, unexpected textures: from downy soft, enveloping yarns for the winter season, to ultra-fine knitwear for the spring or cool summer evenings; from 800 g double fabrics to the lightest worsted-spun cloths. The origin is the same: 30 grams of pristine softness to celebrate in its natural white shade, or interpret in an infinite palette of different hues.
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